Quality Dating Traffic

Quality Dating Traffic

Have you ever thought about getting quality dating traffic for your dating sites? I suppose, you have.В Well, today I will write about the service, which can bring you more members and more income.
Actually, it doesn’t matter, how you promote your dating site. In general, we’re all click hunters. Every click, which leads to our site, can bring us potential conversions and income. I’m not talking about the quality of your landing page or your dating site (It is important of course). I’m talking about clicks quality.

At this point, I would define three types of clicks.

  1. I’ve Missed” or accidental clicks. Sometimes such things happen.)) What are the reasons? Well, bad banner or text link placement, messed up design – these could be the reasons.
  2. Just Curious” clicks. These are the clicks, which likely generate untargeted traffic. People may like banner view or slogan originality. It’s all about curiosity.) It is not bad to get such clicks. There is always a chance, that “Curious” people will need your products or services. It is good for general big niches, I think.
  3. I Need This” clicks. Well, that’s what we’re looking for. We need these clicks like air. Such type of clicks brings us the most targeted and reliable traffic we may ever get. This is the hardest part of webmaster’s job – to get these clicks.

OK, what’s next. We’re looking for highly targeted clicks. Well, I will open you the secret. Banner exchange or banner advertisement will do the best for our dating sites. You may say: “What is he talking about? I knew this since I was born.” Well, you have the right to say that. Let me explain. You see, if we’ll take a look at the dating niche, it will be hard to find quality and reliable dating banner exchange networks. Of course there are some, but there are problems also).

The most annoying problem is that adult dating and general dating should not be considered as one market. It is really different and you have to remember that.
Advertising your dating site between adult dating sites is not good for your reputation. Serious dating should be serious. Besides, advertising on adult dating sites will bring you more “Just Curious” clicks. Adult dating surfers are ready to surf through the hundreds of sites to find what they’re looking for. And I assure you, that your serious dating site will not become the last stop in this trip.

The second problem is that banners are not moderated well on dating banner exchange networks. It is possible that one day you will see some “porno” banner on your site. That’s not good also, because the same banner see your visitors.

To avoid problems, which you don’t need, you should find banner exchange network, which is well moderated and works with quality dating sites. You need “I Need This” clicks, remember?

Only quality and reliable dating banner exchange networks can give you that clicks.
If you run general or some niche serious dating site, I would recommend DatingAdNetwork.com for getting the most of your banner exchange campaign. I work with them for a long time and I consider them very professional and trustworthy people.

Your dating banner will rotate on quality dating sites; in return quality dating banners will rotate on your dating site. And I must say, this is not a dream. You will get really quality and targeted “I Need This” dating clicks. Thus you will increase your income and the number of your members.
If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask.
Comments appreciated, as always) Best wishes to your dating sites!

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