Make Money With Dating Site

Make Money With Dating Site

OK, In previous post we’ve talked about Dating Traffic Monetization. I’ve written about basic principles of dating traffic monetization. It’s time to dig a bit deeper and to monetize your dating site.
Well, let’s assume you’ve created dating site and it is completely free. What’s your benefit? I will offer you some ways to get income from Free Dating Site.
These ways are not so original, but they really make sense if your dating site is free and you would love to get a few bucks before the weekend.
So,let’s start make dating money.

1. Google AdSense. Yep. It will work. The one and only choice for thousands of webmasters. The price for clicks in dating sphere is not so high, but if you have niche dating site, you may get higher income per click.
I suggest to find out the highest paying keywords in dating. Then, if you post articles on your dating site you can write an article with those keywords and get even more money from AdSense. And of course it is all about the traffic you receive. The higher traffic – the higher income!
There are other contekstual advertising providers, you may try to monetize with them as well.

2. Selling dating related text links. It is very old way of monetizing. The only problem is that Google penalize sites which sell links. Well, it is your choice to do that or not.
From the one side Google PageRank is essential for getting good income from text link ads, from the other side you may lose all you PageRank, if Google will ban your site.
The very famous and popular place for selling text link ads on your site is Text-Link-Ads as well))

3. Selling banner spots on your dating site. It is simple and obvious. Make an "Advertise with Us" page and set the price for each banner spot. Of course your site should be popular and has good amount of pageviews per day. So, get noticed!

4. I suppose this way of making extra money could be the most profitable for your small dating business. You could sell dating related products. Have you ever thought about that?
OK let’s make a short list of such products.
- flowers
- sweets, chocolate
- gifts, soft toys
- jewelry
- ebooks on relationships
- other dating related services
Wow, I am sure there are a lot of niche goods you can’t even think about. OK, just give your brains some work!
The most interesting thing is that you don’t even have to create your shop and process delivery, support, payments and so on. There are many companies which have affiliate programs on flowers, for example. You just have to register and setup their buy-page on your site. That’s all. Just keep getting more visitors) I’m going to review some affiliate programs later.

5. Well, of course affiliate marketing will give you some opportunities too. You may register at (the biggest affiliate marketplace) and choose dating related program to promote.
Place banners and links on your site and again, keep getting more visitors. And don’t scare your members with many banners all around, keep it simple.)

Here are just some basic ways of free dating site monetization. Dating Business is real. Think and act: this is what you can do.

P.S. Р’В Any ideas? Comment and share!

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