Main Page of Your Dating Site. What’s Up?

Main Page of Your Dating Site. What’s Up?

When you start your dating site you definitely think how your main page should look. It’s an interesting and creative part for sure. Plus conversion of your site really depends on that dating "intro page".

If you’re new to creation of dating projects and don’t have a huge marketing budget you shouldn’t copy main pages of such famous dating portals like: eHarmony,,,, and some more you should know) Well, if you take a look at their websites you will notice  that they look like brother or sisters, whatever. One big picture of happy couple and short join form. That’s all.

The point is that they don’t really need to put much stuff on their intro pages. Why? Because they are 100% well known and most part of their traffic comes from their affiliates or third party affiliates. Their brands work for them really well. That’s why you shouldn’t copy them, unless your future dating brand is already famous))

Your site should take visitor’s attention first, then make him or her really interested and yes proceed to join. I will give you some ideas of what you could put on your main dating page to create that attention.

  1. It’s classic.  Pictures of members. These could be list of new members or members from any ratings if you allow them, or only some beautiful girls to create interest. What do people look for   when they visit your dating site? Right. Other people. There is a great chance that the visitor will really like someone from that row or column of attractive images) Welcome to join)
    Tips: Top Members, New Members, Random Profiles, Top Rated Pictures, etc.
  2. Short search form. Well it depends. If you have a good number of members it will be a good idea, in other case not necessary. It’s up to you.
  3. Some "latest dating stuff". Latest blogs, latest added pictures, latest videos and so on. Show that your site lives its dating life.
  4. Number of users online. Good idea. Attractive, if the number is great. Also you could place any other site statistics.
    Tips:  Total members, Total Men Profiles, Total Women profiles, Total in Chat, etc.
  5. Polls. Want to ask something? Why not.  Look for some psychology sites or fun information sites online to get ideas.
  6. Successful story. Some extraordinary meeting. Or some kind of testimonials is fine. Wow. It works!
  7. Login form – 99% place it.
  8. Big Red JOIN Button))) Could be. Or just a short form.
    Tips:  Username, Password, E-mail, ZIP or country, etc.
  9. If you post articles on your dating site, you could place featured articles on the main page. Or any other featured content you may put there.

What else? I forgot to mention couple of images of randomly sized hearts and couple of happy couples)) Cliché? Well, that’s what dating all about)) Kidding)
So, if I have forgot something, let me know)
Best wishes to your business.

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  • Main Page of Your Dating Site. Whats Up?

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