Directory Submission Software

Directory Submission Software

This is a tool that I use for submitting my sites to directories. I prefer to control everything by myself and that is why I use Fast Directory Submitter. Some words about directories and their effect on traffic.

I think it is good way for building one way quality back links. It is not what you have to complete right after creating your dating site. But this is a good long lasting support for your site. So start now and continue, till your site is alive, because new directories appear every day.

What I do? I complete some titles and descriptions with my keywords and submit to directories day by day with this great directory submission software. So it is everlasting process for me. Links appear very natural for Google.Why so? The reason is that you won’t get many targeted visitors from directories. It is only the way of creating more back links. But more back links by interaction will bring more visitors to your sites from search engines. Fast Directory Submitter you will save your time, money and bring natural one way back links.

Why don’t I use directory submission services? First reason is that I prefer to control everything by myself. And I don’t understand the prices for directory submissions. They are too low for manual submissions to thousands of directories)

Fast Directory Submitter is an easy-to-use directory submission software that allows you add your website with different title (anchor text) and description to thousands of web directories in a record time. It now has a database of 2587 directories and grows.

Some features I like in this directory submission software:

  1. Rotating title, description and keywords for your site (Good for Search Engines)
  2. Form Auto-Completion. Write your title and description only once.
  3. PageRank view for every directory
  4. Relevant category search. Easy select.
  5. Database backup function
  6. Add comments for any directory
  7. Great support
  8. You control everything

So, this is a very useful tool for increasing link popularity and getting more traffic to your dating site.

It is free to try with 150 directories for each site. I really recommend.

Download Fast Directory Submitter

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