DatingPro – Interviewed and Recommended!

DatingPro – Interviewed and Recommended!

Hello. How is your dating site doing? I hope it grows and becomes better every day. Well, this time I post an interview with Elena Dorofeeva from Pilot Group. I am sure you know their dating software produts. Dating Pro is one of them.

If you hear that name for the first time – you have to check this out. It is one of the best dating software in the world. It is clean, customizable and has a great support. Pilot Group is one of the oldest players in the market.

Read and enjoy!

UD: Tell us please several words about your company and some words about yourself.
Elena: Pilot Group was established in 2000. Originally, the company’s main business was web design and software development. We had been providing complete lifecycle services for creating quality web resources; from the initial consultation to project realization and its on-going maintenance.
At the current moment we are working in several main directions: Web products – ready PHP/MySQL solution for starting your business in the Internet; Software products – Internet utilities; Web services – online services

UD: Why dating software. What where the reasons?
Elena: This industry is rapidly developing every year and we’ve always seen great potential in it. Also, Dating Industry has always been popular with our clients; we got many requests for Dating software and finally developed it. PG Dating Pro was one of the first products our company started developing back in 2000. Now we are releasing updates almost every month to follow the industry trends and satisfy customer needs.

UD: You have several dating products. Why wouldn’t you create just one with many features?
Elena: Yes you’re right. Right now we have the whole line of products under Dating Pro Line: Matchmaking Software, Social Networking Software, Dating Pro Software. The reason why we divided them lies in our clients’ needs. The 3 software are all fully functional with wide set of features. They differ in their purpose. As a result some additional options appear in feature lists. For example, Matchmaking software is for professional matchmakers and Dating Agencies, so it has payments per emails option, widened registration forms, print profile options for Matchmakers and lessened communication means for users as all processes usually happen offline. Social Networking Software is targeted for creating Business Social Networks with wide range of communication opportunities (forums, blogs, chats, groups, classifieds, IM, emails, polls etc), special design and layout. Dating Pro is designed for online Dating community. It has almost the same feature list but targeted for creating matches, searching couples, arranging events, meetings, clubs, sharing photos, videos, audios and many more. So as you can see we target our software to different spheres of online dating business.

UD: I noticed you provide additional customization of your products. Is it popular option?
Elena: It’s a service that is rather popular. The reason is that to win the Dating market now, your site needs to be unique. Even if you have reliable ready-made software you need to show your special design or feature to match your audience. We do templates integration and feature customization nowadays to help our clients stand out in the crowd.

UD: How many of your customers treat dating like business? Or they just having fun?
Elena: I would say, most of them are very serious about their projects. They want to start heir online Dating Business and see Dating Pro Software as a platform for their site and profits and future.

UD: Dating business is not easy.)) Do you support your customers? Have you ever got any interesting or strange questions to your support team?
Elena: Yes you’re right, it’s complicated. But right now with software products in the Internet that have all features that are expected to be on a site, it’s quite easy. The hard part is marketing and promotion to establish strong and active user community to profit. We provide free technical support for our software (installation, questions, and troubles). We also offer hosting (if clients need) and lots of manuals for software management. We also have Dating Blog where we try to publish latest trends, sites, techniques on management and marketing. Our clients can also download Management tips from our manuals page.
As for strange questions, we never regard any question as weird. We try to help as we get clients with different educational level in technology. That’s why we always try to teach them how to use FTP for example if necessary. Clients do ask interesting questions about ways of marketing and new stats techniques. We try to research and give some directions to them.

UD: What is the future of your dating software? What we should expect from DatingPro?
Elena: We still plan to offer a ready-made software. We are now working at different design templates to match the needs of different Niche Dating Industries. Then we plan to add some specific functionality for these niche products to lessen the customization demands for end customers. We also plan to develop our module software structure. We already have additional modules for the software and are going to add new ones in cooperation with different service companies in the industry.

UD: Online dating today. What you think about the market? Where does it go?
Elena: Not long ago Online Dating wasn’t in favor. Social Networking took its place. Right now we see that Dating Industry comes back. Even big Social Networking sites are implementing Dating tools for their users, which means that Social Networking industry hasn’t learned to monetize their traffic better then Dating one. People would want to date and Niche Dating Sites can be numerous and nevertheless popular and profitable for their owners. That’s why we still think that Dating with a mixture of Social Networking features will be very popular for a long time as it is now.

UD: I know every dating software company has a unique advice for new daters. Do you have one?
Elena: We work with site administrators. We always advise them to think over their business idea, marketing ways, features they need to match their audience before getting any Dating software. In this case you would know exactly how to enter the market and succeed. Otherwise you can spend time in vain even with the best software and support.

UD: Please, tell some words for our readers.
Elena: Thank you for your interest in our company. I, as product manager for Dating Pro and Blog author would like to advise you get into this business as soon as possible as it’s developing rapidly. Online business right now might be a solution for you as many offline businesses are unstable nowadays. Besides, it’s easy as you don’t need special technical knowledge to establish a site, market it and support. So take a chance and profit online. Good luck!

UD: Visit PilotGroup and get a free demo of their great dating software.

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