Dating Software: To Pay or Not to Pay?

Dating Software: To Pay or Not to Pay?

What is the difference between free dating scripts and paid packages? Of course the first answer to this question will be money. If you don’t have them you will choose free script and the opposite. Well I must confess it is not the correct answer. There are a lot of things to think about before choosing dating software. It is not only the question of money. And I will explain why.

The first thing which I suppose is the most important in dating software and actually software in common is support. A lot of questions appear all the time during installation, managing and so on. And it is very important to get the right answers very quickly. Well let’s compare:

Free Dating Script: the most possible support you can receive is free user-to-user support. It is usually forums. It is not bad I think, but time is money, and you may not get an answer for a week. Also you can receive a reply from an inexperienced user. The consequences can be sad in this case.
Paid Dating Software: I think the most important part of developing/selling software is user support. Almost every company try to keep promises. They do realize that good communication with clients is very appreciated. Clients recommend good products very easy. So this is a very big advantage of paid software products.Time is precious. Time is money. You all know this expression. How it is connected?

Free Dating Script: you will spend a lot of time for installation, for configuration and for searching the answers, in spite of you’ve worked with this software before. So, free software doesn’t save your time. If you’re unfamiliar with HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and server technologies or you don’t have enough patience, free dating script may become your long lasting nightmare. That is not good.
Paid Dating Software: free script Installation is a traditional practice for respected developers. Free lifetime technical support is natural for paid dating scripts. Also you get tons of well written documentation and manuals. Nothing more to say.

You like to work with the code? You always insert your functions in the code? You like to customize everything by yourself? Let’s see what we have.

Free Dating Script: clean code is not always the special feature. Free Dating Scripts usually created by enthusiasts who have minimum of spare time and money for developing and working well with the code. Of course there are good exceptions, but in very rare cases. You will spend much more time on reading and writing the PHP or HTML code for your dating site. But there is one plus. Free Dating Software is usually distributed as open source. It is not coded with Zend or IonCube. So you may change the code as you like, if you have programming skills of course.
Paid Dating Software: clean code is essential for paid dating software. It has to be very clean and understandable. It has to have professional look. That is my opinion. And it is usually so. Though I am not the professional coder, but I can do things I need. I adore clear code. I am fanatic. I really respect programmers who can do that. Well, let’s get back to the point. For security purposes functional scripts of paid software are encoded. Developers protect their work, their code and money. It is naturally. I would do the same. It is not a tragedy, because in most cases you can run your code inside templates.

The next question is also very interesting, because I’ve met such problems with my sites. It is a question of bugs. If software doesn’t work well, you may lose client and loose reputation.

Free Dating Script: updates come very slow and may not appear at all. That is bad. People work, but as written before minimum of spare time and money makes all complicated.
Paid Dating Software: depending on the company you will choose you may have different situations. But usually updates come very fast and it is very easy to fix bugs and other problems if any. The same situation we may see with upgrades.

Any dating software has its features. There a lot of standard features, which every dating software must contain. But new day brings new ideas and benefits. What this day will bring us?

Free Dating Script: usually standard features are included. Sometimes it is even more than that. Don’t skip the feature page before downloading. Exclusive features appear in very rare cases.
Paid Dating Software: this is what you have to check. It is not a surprise to see some flash chat, or instant messenger. But it is very pleasant to see banner rotation system or affiliate system. Some cool features you may find only in paid dating scripts. Some systems for example include more than ten integrated payment options for your members. This is very profitable option I think. Some very special matching tools are also can be seen.

Well, I think the post looks very long. So let’s make some conclusions. I would choose three options on which you may base your decision.

  1. Money
  2. Programming skills
  3. Free time you have.

And the last option I have to mention is your intention. If you seriously think to start dating business, you have plan and money to invest – it is always better to choose paid Dating Software
If you want to try something new and have good programming skills and you’re experienced user in site developing you may try to install some popular free dating software.

Think, decide and Good Luck in your choice.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to commend or contact me directly.
And remember: Not Every Paid Script Worth Buying, Not Every Free Script Worth Trying.

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