Dating Project. Check Your To-Do List.

Dating Project. Check Your To-Do List.

Hi there. It’s been a long time and I have successfully relocated in another country. It was fun) And I’ve updated UsualDating Blog. Hopefully you will like new style. So, let’s get back to business)

When you think about your dating project you always try to remember anything you could use. Well, today I’m going to offer you a list of something you could forget or you might consider these things are not important.

Many of them could make your visitors to go straight away from your brand new dating project. It is good if you have a plan and it is good if you have all these options in your To-do List. Well, if you don’t, you better think about that)

  1. Spending too much time and money on choosing the right dating software. It is true that many of us testing every free script and every free demo of paid one. It is good, but I can assure you that there are not so many good dating scripts. You could spend only a couple of days to find the right dating software. Just keep your eyes open. Check out resources page, if you would like to see good scripts which I use. If you will go too far in testing – soon you will feel really exhausted and disappointed.
  2. Poor unprofessional design/usability. This is a very common mistake these days. It is really simple: just think like your members and if there is anything you don’t like – fix it. Usability in dating is very important: if you have one you will be ok. Design is not so important, but it has to be accurate and clean.
  3. Too much advertising on site. Yep. This is true. If you just start your dating project, try not to fill all your pages with lots of banners and other advertising stuff. It will scare your visitors and won’t make you much money when you start. Think about advertising later when you have enough of quality dating traffic.
  4. Poor content. It is a good idea to have a good content on your dating site. Any dating tips and advices will work just fine. It will help you at a first stage of promotion to get more visitors and members to your site.  Then it will help you to keep your existing members at your site as well.
  5. Being too strict with membership types. Sometimes membership types are too strict. I mean if you let your free members only to view profiles (see next mistake) – it will not empower them to pay for the next membership level . It depends on many factors which are not visible at this point. You will need some time to understand what your members really need and what price they could pay for that. Try to be more flexible with membership plans.
  6. Hiding online profiles. It is a good chance to get more members to your dating site. You don’t have to show all the profile, just picture is essential and some short info. You will have a good amount of organic traffic from SE. Besides it helps people to make a decision of joining your site. Especially if some picture really grabbed their attention.
  7. Targeting wrong audience or no targeting at all (Forgetting Idea). These two last ideas are really important for consideration.  You have to know your niche; you have to know your audiences before you start any promotion. Whatever you do: PPC marketing, link building, social marketing – do not forget about your niche and dating project idea.

That’s all for now. Keep you dating projects alive and don’t forget your idea)
Thanks for reading.

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  • Dating Project. Check Your To Do List.

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