There are thousands of dating sites in the internet. Dating Industry is one of the biggest industries online. Interested? How to start your own dating business online is the main question I will answer in this dating blog. How to be successful and get the most you can get from dating sites.

There are many aspects which we will discuss: traffic, conversion rates, affiliate programs, dating software, promotion of your sites and even psychological aspects of dating. We will discuss effective and reliable ways of creating and improving your future dating site.

I decided to create this blog because there are so less information on dating theme online for dating webmasters. I hope you will find my articles useful and subscribe to Usual Dating feed. I will share my experience with you.

Why Usual Dating?

Since 1999 I run dating sites online, promote affiliate dating programs. I have several dating sites. Every day I try to find something new in online dating. I look for new affiliates, for new dating software, for new ways of promotion.

Since 1999 it is my life and I really like it.

This part of my life is quite usual and that is way UsualDating is my blog’s name.

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